News You Really Need To See: “Saudi’s Lonely, Costly Bid for Sunni-Shiite Equality”

“Saudi’s Lonely, Costly Bid for Sunni-Shiite Equality”

The New York Times, Mar. 15, 2014, p.A9

“Mikhlif al-Shammari has been jailed repeatedly, declared an infidel, ruined financially and shot four times — by his own son — all for this: He believes his fellow Sunni Muslims should treat Shiites as equals.  In a Middle East torn by deepening sectarian hatred, that is a very unusual conviction.  He has made it a kind of crusade for eight years now, visiting and praying with prominent Shiites and defending them in print, at enormous personal cost.  The government of this deeply conservative kingdom continues to file new accusations against him, under charges like ‘annoying other people’ and ‘consorting with dissidents.’ … Mr. Shammari is not Saudi Arabia’s best-known human rights activist, and others have put in more time and suffered much longer prison terms.  But he has a rare distinction: No other member of the kingdom’s Sunni Muslim majority has made it a mission to demand equal rights for the Shiite Muslim minority.  Even the most educated and cosmopolitan Saudis often look down on Shiites, who make up about 10 percent of the Saudi population, as closet Iranians or undesirables.  Some of the religious conservatives who wield great influence here go much further, saying Shiites are worse than Jews because, unlike genuine infidels, they have been exposed to the truth of Islam and nevertheless choose to pervert it.  Shiites have long complained of discrimination of various kinds, as well as the vitriolic abuse hurled at them by government-employed clerics.”

Quickie analysis:  Saudi religious bigotry is hardly news, but this story puts a face on the struggle, within the country, to promote greater tolerance.

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