News You Really Need To See: “Chinese Group Launches App to Shame Polluters”

“Chinese Group Launches App to Shame Polluters”

The Washington Post, June 9, 2014

A Chinese environmental group launched a smartphone app on Monday that tracks and shames polluting factories, highlighting how the country is making environmental data more available and enabling public monitoring of companies that pollute.  The app gives, where available, hourly updates on emissions reported by factories to local authorities and shows the plants as color-coded points on a map, with violators of emissions limits in red.  It also gives government air pollution data for areas throughout the country.  The Environment Ministry requires about 15,000 factories nationwide to report their air emissions in real time to local environmental officials.  Since the beginning of this year, the government has required that the data be made public and some provincial governments have started posting it on websites, though it has not been collected in one place until now. … The new app is produced by the Beijing-based Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, which said it allows consumers to quickly search air quality data for 190 cities and check and share real-time monitoring data for surrounding polluters.  The group said the real-time monitoring showed as many as 370 large industrial companies were producing excessive emissions on Monday.”

Quickie Analysis:  Power to the (1.3 billion) people!

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