News You Really Need To See: “Uzbek Fighters Claim Involvement in Karachi Airport Attack”

“Uzbek Fighters Claim Involvement in Karachi Airport Attack”

Dawn [Pakistan], June 10, 2014*AfPak%20Daily%20Brief&utm_campaign=2014_The%20South%20Asia%20Daily

“The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), an Al-Qaeda affiliate that has been mainly based in Pakistan’s tribal belt since the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, claimed the ‘martyrdom’ of 10 of their fighters during this week’s assault in a statement posted on various Taliban-linked websites. … The statement added that this operation was carried out as the revenge to the latest full scale bombardments and night attacks with fighter jets by the Pakistan Army.  The Pakistani Taliban’s main spokesman confirmed that Uzbek fighters were involved in the attack but did not say how many.  Shahidullah Shahid, the Taliban spokesman said: ‘Yes, the attack on the Karachi airport was a joint operation of TTP and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.’ … Security analyst Imtiaz Gul said IMU fighters had migrated to Pakistan’s tribal areas after being forced to flee from Afghanistan following the US-led invasion.  ‘They have been under the protection of the Pakistani Taliban for some time.  The Uzbeks are dependent on them for shelter and survival and are used as their foot soldiers in operations,’ he said.”

Quickie Analysis:  Pakistan is contending with quite the grab bag of terrorist groups.

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