Thinking Aloud: Happy Constitution Day

Sept. 17,  2014 by Darius 

Today marks the anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution in 1787.  Even though Constitution Day pales in comparison to Independence Day as a holiday in the US, the Constitution was far and away the more important document and event.

As South Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, and other countries have discovered the hard way, becoming independent of an old regime is not the same thing as having a functioning government, let alone a government that protects individual liberties and can transition peacefully between opposing parties and ideologies.

The Declaration was a bunch of pretty words on a page.  It was the Constitution that actually had an impact on the United States by providing the new country with a solid framework for a functioning government and protection of individual rights.

September 17 may not be as good of a time as July 4 for barbecues and fireworks, but  Constitution Day deserves a lot more respect.

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