News You Really Need To See: “Exclusive: Libya Asks Chemical Weapons Watchdog to Remove Stockpile – Sources”

“Exclusive: Libya Asks Chemical Weapons Watchdog to Remove Stockpile – Sources”

Reuters, September 23, 2014

Libya has asked the global chemical weapons watchdog to draw up plans to ship a stockpile of 850 tonnes of chemicals overseas due to deteriorating security, sources have told Reuters.  Diplomats and officials said that transporting the toxins abroad for destruction, as was recently done in Syria, is the most viable option to keep them out of the hands of battling militant groups.  Since the removal of Muammar Gaddafi three years ago, the country has descended into anarchy, with rival militias and hardline Islamic groups battling for political control and vast oil reserves.  Facilities to destroy the chemical weapons were set up and Libyans were trained to use the equipment, but fighting threatens stability and has made it impossible to safely conduct their work. … The OPCW said Tripoli has already destroyed weapons that were ready for use including armed munitions and the most deadly, or ‘category 1,’ toxins with the help of Western countries, but still has around 850 tonnes of industrial chemicals that could be used to produce weapons.”

Quickie Analysis:  Definitely a good idea.

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