News You Really Need To See: “Afghan Leaders Fear a Covert Invasion”

“Afghan Leaders Fear a Covert Invasion”

The Washington Post, September 26, 2014, p.A6

As Taliban fighters kill a growing number of Afghan soldiers, the country’s leaders are blaming Pakistan, an accusation that has sent the neighbors’ relations to one of the lowest points in more than a decade.  Afghan officials say their allegations stem from an influx of foreigners fighting for a resurgent Afghan Taliban, as well as a Pakistani Islamist militant group’s recent announcement that it was abandoning domestic attacks and turning its sights across the border. … ‘We know they have not given up their dream of controlling Afghanistan,’ Mohammad Umer Daudzai, the Afghan interior minister, said of Pakistan.  ‘They want Afghanistan to be their satellite.’ …Afghan officials have also issued public statements accusing Pakistan of sending army commandos, doctors and military advisers to support the Afghan Taliban. … In June, Pakistan’s military launched a major operation to dislodge the Pakistani Taliban and other Islamist militants from North Waziristan in the northwestern part of the country.  Afghan officials say that was part of a Pakistani plot to quell terrorist attacks within its own borders by pushing the problem into Afghanistan.  In perhaps the most serious diplomatic tussle between the two countries, Afghan officials also accuse Pakistan of having fired nearly 5,000 rockets into eastern Afghanistan since late spring — in a bid, they say, to depopulate border areas so militants driven from North Waziristan can establish bases in Afghanistan.”

Quickie Analysis:  Given that controlling Afghanistan has been one of two major issues in Pakistani foreign policy pretty much since the country was created, it’s easy to believe Afghan accusations.

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