News You Really Need To See: “Smuggled Giraffes and Illicit Ivory: Interpol’s Nine Most Wanted Environmental Criminals”

“Smuggled Giraffes and Illicit Ivory: Interpol’s Nine Most Wanted Environmental Criminals”

Bloomberg Businessweek, November 21, 2014

“Interpol has launched its first Most Wanted list for environmental criminals. The international policing agency is targeting nine fugitives for evading charges that include illegal discharge of toxic waste, illegal logging, ivory smuggling, and trafficking live animals.  ‘Until recently, environmental offences were not even considered a crime by many countries, but as the years have passed, they have realized that environmental crime is a serious internal threat to our societies,’ Andreas Andreou, a criminal intelligence officer with Interpol’s environmental security unit, told the Guardian earlier this week. Many environmental criminals, he adds, are tied up with organized crime rings.  Transnational organized environmental crime is estimated to be worth $70 billion to $213 billion annually, according to a 2014 Interpol report. … Interpol’s new focus, dubbed Operation Infra (International Fugitive Round Up & Arrest) Terra, was officially launched last month and has support from numerous global agencies, including the UN.  It has put together a list of 139 fugitives wanted by 36 member countries but is focusing on nine for now.”

Quickie Analysis:  It’s good to see that Interpol is taking environment crime seriously.  The article also includes brief profiles of each of the nine most-wanted environmental criminals.

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