News You Really Need To See: “In Mexico’s Forest of the Disappeared”

“In Mexico’s Forest of the Disappeared”

The Washington Post, December 13, 2014, p.A1

“They picked up spent shotgun shells and placed them in plastic baggies for safekeeping. They examined discarded bottles, charred sticks, and crusted, weather-worn clothes.  Over rocks and ridges, to the tops of trees and in bone-dry riverbeds, the parents searched for their children’s graves. … Forty-three students went missing here in September, and for all the attention that received, they were hardly the first.  Their abduction by police has loosed a flood of new accusations and begun to reveal a history of hidden deaths.  Before that crime, many people had been too afraid of the police to report the disappearances. Last month, just seven parents attended the first meeting in the basement of a Catholic church here for relatives of the missing.  But as the national uproar over the students grew, and the Iguala mayor was arrested and the town’s police force was dissolved, the scope of the brutalities became clearer.  Dozens, then hundreds, of people came to subsequent meetings at the San Gerardo church, which has become the gathering place for a citizen movement to search the surrounding hills and fields for the students’ remains. … With little faith in their government, parents, volunteers and human rights workers have taken the initiative to catalogue the crimes. … By the official government count, about 22,300 people are missing in Mexico, a figure human rights officials think understates the problem.”

Quickie Analysis:  The numbers are just staggering.

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