News You Really Need To See: “Christmas in Japan: Here Comes Santa Paws”

“Christmas in Japan: Here Comes Santa Paws”

The Washington Post, December 21, 2014, p.A1

“Forget the kids.  What are you doing for your dog this Christmas? … [F]or many in Japan, pets are replacing children.  More Japanese are choosing to marry later or not at all.  A Health Ministry report released this year showed that the number of weddings last year was the lowest since the end of World War II.  That’s contributed to a fertility rate that is now about 1.4 — well below the 2.07 needed to sustain Japan’s population.  If things continue this way, the population will plummet by almost a third by 2060.  That means that four-legged furries are increasingly the ‘offspring’ of choice.  There are 16 million people younger than 15 living in Japan but more than 20 million cats and dogs, according to the most recent figures from the Japan Pet Food Association.”

Quickie Analysis:  A quirky look at how Japan’s demographics are affecting the pet industry.  Now, if the little dogs could be trained to work and contribute to pension funds….

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