News You Really Need To See: “Shiite Rebels in Yemen Repudiate Federal Plan”

“Shiite Rebels in Yemen Repudiate Federal Plan”

The Washington Post, January 3, 2015, p.A10

“The leader of Yemen’s Shiite rebel Houthi movement on Saturday rejected an agreement reached last year to divide the country into six federally organized regions, a major blow to efforts to unite the divided country.  In a message broadcast to thousands of supporters on public screens across the country, Abdul Malik al-Houthi said the rebels, who have taken over a string of Yemeni cities including Sanaa, the capital, reject the plan ‘categorically.’ … A panel of delegates from across the country agreed in February to restructure Yemen’s regions, aiming to address grievances that had fed instability in the impoverished nation.  Some southerners, who feel dominated by the more populous north, oppose the plan, which was supposed to figure in Yemen’s new constitution.  Houthis continue to push to expand their territorial gains and have been moving toward the south-central city of Taiz, where on Saturday thousands demonstrated against them.”

Quickie Analysis:  It’s still not clear what the Houthis would like.  Which means Yemenis are no closer to laying down arms.

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