News You Really Need To See: “Criminals, Terrorists Find Uses for Drones”

“Criminals, Terrorists Find Uses for Drones”

The Wall Street Journal, January 29, 2015, p.B3

Law-enforcement officials have discovered criminals smuggling drugs and other contraband across the U.S. border and into prisons using the types of consumer drones increasingly popular with entrepreneurs and hobbyists.  And authorities in the U.S., Germany, Spain and Egypt have foiled at least six potential terrorist attacks with drones since 2011.  U.S. authorities are worried that the problem is growing and that drones could be modified to mount attacks with explosives or chemical weapons, according to a presentation this month by federal intelligence and security officials to their counterparts in law enforcement and people who oversee critical infrastructure. … SZ DJI Technology Co., the Chinese maker of the device [that crashed on the White House grounds this week], said it planned to change software on its drones to prevent them from flying over Washington.  DJI added that it plans to disable its drones from crossing national borders after police in Tijuana, Mexico, discovered a DJI drone that apparently crashed while attempting to carry drugs to the U.S. … On Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a notice reiterating that Sunday’s Super Bowl game in Glendale, Ariz., ‘is strictly a “no drone zone.”‘  U.S. security officials are seeking ways to efficiently track drones to protect potential targets like critical infrastructure, government buildings, prisons and crowded stadiums.   A growing industry is emerging to tackle the problem, offering systems to detect incoming drones and alert authorities.  Washington-based DroneShield LLC said it has installed about 200 of its audio-based detection systems world-wide over the past 18 months, including around prisons, government buildings and power plants.”

Quickie Analysis:  Apparently, is not alone in experimenting with drone technology for deliveries ;-).

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