News You Really Need To See: “The Candidate Who Might Unseat Netanyahu”

“The Candidate Who Might Unseat Netanyahu”

The Washington Post, February 22, 2015, p.A10

“If he wins the upcoming elections, incumbent Benjamin Netanyahu will serve a historic fourth term as prime minister of Israel, earning his sobriquet ‘King Bibi.’  But there is a challenger to the coronation, the underdog of Israeli politics, a scion of rabbinical, military and political aristocracy: the dogged lawyer Isaac Herzog, who might deny his opponent another victory.  This is a rare event in recent Israeli politics.  Polls ahead of the March 17 legislative elections show a contest that is too close to call.  A win by Herzog would be a stunning reversal of fortunes for Israel’s ascendant hard-line right, whose members see themselves as partners with Netanyahu if he wins. … On the surface, the two candidates are as different as can be.  Netanyahu is warring with President Obama.  Herzog seems to want to be President Obama: The Labor Party leader is campaigning on an Israeli version of ‘hope and change.’  Herzog’s billboards promise Israeli parents an extra teacher in each kindergarten classroom.  Netanyahu warns about ‘the people who want to kill us.’  He is fixated on the Iranian mullahs, who he says pose an existential threat to the Jewish state and places beyond. … Herzog, the leader of the Labor Party, boasts of being a team player, a listener, a coalition builder.  The 54-year-old has been surprising skeptics, and he promises to do so again in March.”

Quickie Analysis:  A very interesting look at the choice voters face in Israel’s upcoming elections.

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