Thinking Aloud: Hillary Clinton, Back to the Future

Apr. 11, 2015 by Darius

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton is officially announcing her presidential run.  She has been presumed to be running for months, and, even without being officially in the race, has been the automatic front-runner for the Democratic nomination and likely the general election as well.  Yet the Hillary Clinton running now is all too similar in many important ways to the one that came up short eight years ago.

To be sure, Clinton is a stronger candidate on paper than she was eight years ago.  She served as Secretary of State for four years, which gave her valuable executive experience and opportunities to develop intimate knowledge of both foreign policy and world leaders.  She was an important voice in the Obama administration and has undoubtedly continued to influence policy.

But there remains one fundamental problem.  What does Hillary Clinton stand for?  Of course, she will adopt all the usual Democratic Party positions: support for the middle class, fighting for women and gay rights, etc.  But what makes her stand out?  Why is she a better choice than any other Democratic candidate?  In fact, on some issues, like foreign policy, Clinton is significantly to the right of most of the Democratic Party.

Leaving aside “scandals” like the recent hullabaloo over her emails, Clinton hasn’t convinced me that she’s the best choice to become President of the United States of America.  I fear the same may be true of many other voters.  With the right candidate, the Democrats should have a clear path to the White House in 2016.  Despite her pedigree and frontrunner status, Hillary Clinton may not be that candidate.

But, in all fairness, it’s a long time to Election Day.

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