Thinking Aloud: Gaza Public Opinion Poll

June 15, 2015 by Darius 

Remember back in the immediate aftermath of the latest war (if you can call it that; “bombing fish in a barrel” isn’t as catchy) between Israel and Hamas, when despite the fact that more than 2,200 Palestinians died and no concrete gains for Gaza were achieved, Hamas was more popular than ever?  According to a newly released poll, that shine has worn off.

The poll, conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, found that 63% of Gaza residents were dissatisfied with “achievements compared to material and human losses” of the 2014 war.  At the same time, 50% of Gazans want to emigrate; among Gaza’s sizeable youth population, that number is 80%.

Some other results of the poll were either contradictory or simply not very informed.  For example, despite the fact that 63% of Gazans are unhappy with the last war, the same number support the continuation of rocket attacks against Israel while Israel’s blockade of Gaza remains in place.  Interestingly, 63% of Gaza residents also support indirect peace talks between Israel and Hamas that would lead to a long-term truce in exchange for the lifting of the blockade.

The results of the poll indicate at least some weariness among Gaza’s people with Hamas and its violent tactics.  That, at least, is good.

In summary: Gazans don’t like the results of the last war but support continuing the same behaviors that gave Israel a pretext for the war.  Oh, and they want to give peace a chance, but they’d just as soon get the hell out of Gaza.


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