News You Really Need To See: “Egypt’s Forced Disappearances Escalate”

“Egypt’s Forced Disappearances Escalate”

The Washington Post, June 14, 2015, p.A20

“They have been taken from their homes, the streets, even from schools.  Some have turned up dead, while others have just vanished.  They are Egypt’s disappeared: dozens of students and activists kidnapped in what human rights advocates say is an escalation of the government’s campaign against dissent.  Egyptian activists say they have documented a disturbing rise in forced disappearances over the past two months, cases in which victims are taken without warrants and police deny knowledge of their whereabouts.  The detainees often show up later in court or are released without explanation.  At least two who were recently seized by security forces were later found dead, according to rights groups.  ‘People have disappeared in Egypt before but definitely not at this rate,’ said Khaled Abdel Hamid, spokesman for the rights group Freedom for the Brave.  The group says that security forces have kidnapped 163 people since April and that 64 of them have since been released.  Another rights organization, ‘3adala’ (Justice), said it had confirmed 91 disappearance cases in April and May and that 38 people are still missing.  The discrepancy in the tallies is attributable to different verification methods and contact networks, as well as the opaque nature of Egypt’s security apparatus, activists say.”

Quickie analysis:  Remind me how life is better for Egyptians under this government than under Mubarak or Morsi?

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