News You Really Need To See: “Chad Bans Full Veil After Deadly Boko Haram Attacks”

“Chad Bans Full Veil After Deadly Boko Haram Attacks”

Al Arabiya [Saudi], June 18, 2015

“Chad on Wednesday banned the full-face Muslim veil and instructed security forces to burn burqas seized in the markets after 33 people were killed in twin suicide bombings blamed on Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram this week.  ‘Wearing the burqa must stop immediately from today, not only in public places and schools but throughout the whole of the country,’ Prime Minister Kalzeube Pahimi Deubet said in a speech to religious leaders the day before the start of the holy Muslim festival of Ramadan.  Any type of clothing that leaves only the eyes visible is a form of ‘camouflage’ and is now banned, he added, asking the religious leaders to spread the message in their mosques, churches and holy places.
Prime Minister Deubet said instructions had been given to security forces to ‘go into the markets and to seize all the burqas on sale and burn them’.  Anyone found wearing a burqa would be ‘arrested, tried and sentenced in summary proceedings’, he added.  Monday’s bombings, the first such attacks in the capital of Muslim-majority Chad, have been blamed on Boko Haram jihadists who have previously carried out bloody assaults on villages along the border with Nigeria.  The Islamist militants have used female suicide bombers to launch attacks in the past by hiding explosive devices under their clothes.

Quickie analysis:  This measure seems more intended to make a lot of noise about Chad’s counterterrorism efforts than to actually fight Boko Haram.

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One Response to News You Really Need To See: “Chad Bans Full Veil After Deadly Boko Haram Attacks”

  1. whitemvibes says:

    The veil is not ‘Muslim’. People of other faiths wear it as well, although a much lesser amount of people, and The Quran clearly states that you should not cover your face. The face veil is banned in the holiest sites in Arabia. It should be banned everywhere. Every Muslim I know does want it banned and despises it.

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