News You Really Need To See: “France Seeks Bigger Role in Mideast”

“France Seeks Bigger Role in Mideast”

The Washington Post, June 22, 2015, p.A10

“France’s top diplomat traveled to the Middle East over the weekend to take a crack at solving the seemingly unsolvable Israeli-Palestinian conflict, offering a new way forward that ­includes a possible U.N. resolution setting out broad terms for ending the impasse and an offer of help from the Europeans and Arab ­nations. … On his two-day trip to Cairo, Ramallah and Jerusalem, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius sought to sell the idea of a French-led initiative to reboot the peace process with backing from an ‘international support group’ formed by the European Union, Arab nations and U.N. Security Council members, including the United States. … The French have been circulating drafts of a resolution they are considering submitting to the U.N. Security Council that calls for peace talks to start immediately and sets a deadline of two years for negotiations. … The Israeli prime minister was not enthusiastic.”

Quickie analysis:  The last sentence is, according to some news reports, rather an understatement.  An alternative to a US-led discussion is an interesting, perhaps even necessary, idea, though, even if it’s not likely to go anywhere for the time being.

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