News You Really Need To See: “U.S. Seeks Mideast Shift After Nuclear Deal”

“U.S. Seeks Mideast Shift After Nuclear Deal”

The Wall Street Journal, July 6, 2015, p.A6

“The White House is crafting a Middle East strategy for the remaining 18 months of President Barack Obama’s term that would more forcefully address conflicts in Iraq, Yemen and Syria amid tensions over the conclusion of talks with Iran. … Any reorientation of Mr. Obama’s Middle East strategy would test the durability of his broader foreign-policy doctrine, and senior administration officials said the president is intent on cleaning up leftover messes in the region before leaving office in 2017, including relations with key allies that have been strained by the Iran talks.  White House officials see the conclusion of Iran talks as a gateway for Mr. Obama to press for a political resolution in Syria that would facilitate the exit of President Bashar al-Assad, a close Iranian ally. … Until now, Iran has shown little willingness to seriously address other regional issues, U.S. officials said.  But Iranian officials have begun to suggest, in public and private talks with their American counterparts, possible engagement on other issues after the conclusion of nuclear talks.”

Quickie analysis:  Good to see that Obama hasn’t forgotten that, as important as the nuclear talks are, there is more to the region.

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