Who Is Darius?

I’m a student in the Washington, DC area.  I’m a fan of Inter Milan, irreverent humor, history and international affairs, and using one’s brain.  I am not a fan of hypocrisy, stupidity, or greed.  Darius is not my real name.  Darius I was a powerful leader in ancient world history.  He ruled over much of the world that I find particularly interesting.  He was known as a visionary leader, a gifted strategist, and a tolerant, enlightened ruler.  And he probably ate pretty well.

2 Responses to Who Is Darius?

  1. Alexandra W says:

    Hi! I’m another DYS, and I have a website for teens at https://sites.google.com/site/teenthinkers/. We have a local following in the Bay Area, but I was hoping to expand more and get more people on our website. We have a current events section, that I’ve been trying to keep updated, but I’ve been really crazy and can’t keep the website up and running all by myself. I’ve been incorporating other teenagers (people from my school, or people I’ve met on education websites) as editors, so I was wondering, would you be interested in potentially posting on my website? Let me know!

  2. Lex Solo says:

    Nice site Darious

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